Salad Home Delivery

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Salad Home Delivery

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Easy and quick Salad home Delivery with foodpanda

Salad is the perfect meal when you just want a light something to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Once the reserve of weight watchers, now with increased attention to health and wellbeing in the world, everyone has come to enjoy salads for lunch or dinner. Salads are an excellent source of protein and nutrients without including unnecessary fats or calories. Salads usually involve a base of fresh leaves, like ruccola, romaine, cos, butter, or iceberg leaves. Fresh vegetables like roasted capsicum, zucchini, cucumber, carrots and of course tomatoes add important vitamins and crunchy freshness to the salad. Lean proteins are then added, to make the salad more of a meal. Popular inclusions include chicken breast, rare steak, salmon and tuna. Finally, additional nutrients may come in the form of seeds and grains. For a flavour boost, delicious dressings are drizzled on top, like vinaigrette, yogurt or the classic caesar dressing.

Enjoy a healthy meal with a salad from foodpanda

So many great restaurants deliver delicious salad on foodpanda Pakistan. Don’t miss the delivery service of Tooso for delicious chicken salad, and Banera Rooftop for a modern take on a classic salad. Espresso also has a great menu of cafe style classic salads. Order a delicious and fresh salad to enjoy wherever you are, it’s so easy with foodpanda. A busy day in the office, a picnic in the park, or a relaxed weekend at home - these are all the perfect occasions to order a salad online with foodpanda.

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